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ThermoSens - a new generation prosthetic material for the recovery of dental defects through removable prostheses

Svetlana Angelova, Minko Milev, Nadejda Lapadatova, Tina Valcheva, Gabriela Aiter, Petar Petrov


Partial removable dentures are a universal tool for treating all types of partial toothlessness from one missing to one remaining tooth in the tooth row. In terms of technological performance, the removable partial denture compared with bridges, is associated with light and sparing clinical interventions. The possibility of removing it from the oral cavity allows for regular cleaning and maintaining good hygiene. With partial removable dentures an optimal recovery of speech and chewing function is achieved. As a result of laboratory tests, it was established that the ThermoSens material resembles nylon. It combines the advantages of acrylic and polyamide plastics. Introduced to the dental market in 2013, the material is a thermoplastic resin designed to make partial and total dentures by injection under pressure. The purpose of this article is to present the technological stages of making upper and lower partial prostheses from the ThermoSens material of Vertex based on a case study from the actual practice. The discussed clinical case concerns a male patient, aged 53, who began treatment in the month of April, 2017. The partial toothlessness was first class by Kennedy. After treatment, the patient said he felt well and did not feel discomfort. Pros-theses made of TemholSens can be used by patients with allergies because they do not contain a residual monomer and are bio-susceptible. They have a good aesthetic outlook, compared to all dentures made using classic methods, because of the lack of metal elements and are virtually unbreakable. Patients adapt to them much faster because they feel more comfortable. The ThermoSens dentures can be used just as long as ordinary plaque dentures, but with the difference that they do not absorb and retain no liquids and odors, so they do not change color.


removable dentures; clinical case; plastic; nylon; biotolerable; ThermoSens

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