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Student assessment of the training and teaching methods in the X-ray technician program of Medical College `Y. Filaretova`, Sofia

Samuila Dimitrova, Nevenka Boninska, Tsvetelina Grigorova


Introduction: Student assessment is an essential element in the quality assurance process by evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the learning process provided by the teaching methods and the possibility of its improvement.
Aim: The aim of our research is to establish the opinion of the students of from the X-ray Technician program of the Medical College „Y. Filaretova` on training and teaching methods.
Materials and Methods: A sociological method was used. A survey was conducted among 69 students from the X-ray Technician program. Mathematical data processing and graphic presentation were done with Excel.
Results and Discussion: The results show: according to the students from the X-ray Technician program, the volume of the study material is tolerable (53.6%) and the teaching rate is normal (65.2%). Our respondents (40.6%) believe that the teachers present their materials well and their teaching is easy enough to understand, responding positively (53.6%). Obtaining information about a discipline without textbooks is not always an easy task, and from our research we see that students from the X-ray Technician program also have difficulty in finding information (58%). For students, the most preferred test method is oral examination (27).
Conclusion: Students from the X-ray Technician program do not experience considerable difficulties and do well with the content of the material and the tempo of teaching. The way of teaching is available to most students. Finding information about the subjects without having textbooks is a difficult task for our respondents.


X-ray technician; training; lecturers; students; teaching

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