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Pregnant patients` readiness to give birth through the eyes of midwife interns at the Medical University of Varna

Valia Dimitrova, Slavena Ilieva, Rumiana Laleva


Introduction: Every woman perceives the process of giving of birth as a very important moment and exceptionally serious challenge, but up until this very moment, in Bulgaria, the women preparing themselves for this are not too many. The analysis on available literature gives us the impression that the factors responsible for the insufficient or even complete lack of preparation of pregnant patients for giving birth are too many and have a different origin.
Aim: The aim of this paper is to observe the readiness of pregnant patients for giving birth and the role of the midwife in their preparation.
Materials and Methods: A research was conducted among Midwife graduates at the Medical University of Varna (28) in June, 2017 using a direct individual survey. The methods used were as follows: documentary, sociological - survey, statistical and graphological.
Results and Discussion: Students graduates from the Medical University of Varna think that there are fundamental disadvantages in pregnant women`s preparation (89.28%). Students also think, that there are existing opportunities for further preparation improvement (92.86%). According to their opinion, no matter the limitations and unclear regulations, midwives are a basic resource for pregnant women`s preparation for giving birth (67.86%). The majority of the inquired think that midwife care is a resource not utilized to its maximum in the improvement of the preparation of pregnant women (78.57%). Students have suggested alternative educational methods - discussion (71.43%), demonstration (67.86%), conversation (39.29%) and training (32.43%). The inquired students think that patients will be better prepared for giving birth if the pregnancy is monitored in an autonomous midwife practice (78.57%) and do suggest that it provides the best educational conditions for the patients (64.39%). Students also think that midwives would gain patients` trust if they are allowed to prepare the pregnant women to give birth and train them to provide after-birth childcare (89.29%).
Conclusion: Midwife health care is an underestimated resource in providing antenatal and perinatal healthcare for women. Autonomous midwife practices would create ideal environment for practicing medicine, oriented towards the current patient`s needs.


midwife; pregnant woman; giving birth preparation

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