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Pre-graduate traineeship in the Midwife program at the Medical University of Varna. Expectation and reality

Slavena Ilieva, Valya Dimitrova, Violeta Staneva


Introduction: The pre-graduate traineeship in the Midwife program at the Medical University of Varna takes place in a real working environment. It has a duration of 1600 hours, distributed in 10 sectors of train-ing and practice bases. Normally, students have expectations of the internship as they have attended the practical training bases and are familiar with the nature and rhythm of work, on the one hand, and on the other hand they are more self-reliant during the pre-graduate practice and have the opportunity to discover gaps in their training that must be filled.
Aim: The aim of this paper is to examine the expectations of the midwives of the organization of the pre-graduate traineeship.
Materials and Methods: Students` opinion has been studied among the seniors from the Midwife program at the Medical University of Varna (27) through an individual inquiry card during the month of July, 2017. The methods used were as follows: documentary, statistical based on the inquiry, graphical analysis.
Results and Discussion: Most of the students believe that during their pre-graduate internship they have improved their practical skills and practiced treatment technique (74.1%). A significant proportion of them think that they felt discomfort from the divergence of theory and practice (70.4%). Students are convinced that they had the opportunity to regularly exercise treatment techniques (88.9%) and feel ready to start work (77.8%).
Conclusion: From the survey we can conclude that in half of the students there is a match between the expectations and the actual course of the pre-graduation traineeship. Students have upgraded their knowledge and skills.


midwife; pre-graduation internship; expectations; reality

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