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Dental Technology Protocol For Manufacturing 3d Printed Temporary Single Dental Crowns From The Next Dent CB Material

Svetlana Angelova, Maksim Simov, Alexandar Lakov, Katerina Dimitrova, Heli Kuuse, Minko Milev


The aim of the training in one of the main compulsory disciplines for students from the Dental Technician program at the Medical College of Varna, Technology of Dental Prostheses, is for them to master the classical technologies and become familiar with the modern ones in the field of prosthodontics. They acquire their practical skills and establish a routine in manufacturing different types of dental prostheses using, as a basis, their knowledge in the following disciplines: Material Science, Anatomy and Morphology of Teeth, and Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics of the Masticatory Apparatus. The lecturers aspire to increase the focus on practice classes with the aim of acquiring more permanent skills. The relevance of the studied material is supplemented by the possibility of enrolling in additional optional and facultative disciplines. The curricula of the compulsory disciplines have been updated with the inclusion of modern technologies for prosthetic construction manufacture, which aids the formation of professional skills and competences in the future specialists and increases the quality of the students` training. In 2014, a project titled `3D Printing and Its Application in the Modern Treatment Methods of Prosthetic Dental Medicine` was launched by the Scientific Research Fund. The participants in the project included representatives from the Faculty of Dental Medicine and two lecturers from TRS Dental Technician. This project promotes both scientific research and the practical training of students from the Dental Technician program in working with the dental software of the 3Shape system. The aim of this article is to present a sample Dental Technology Protocol for the manufacture of 3D printed temporary single crowns from the Next Dent CB material. The results from the scientific studies are gradually incorporated into the lectures, which, without a doubt, contributes to their enrichment and update, and introduces students to the latest technologies and methods used in different spheres of imaging diagnostics.


зъботехнически протокол, 3d принтирани временни коронки, студенти, обучение

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