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Equipment For Object Photography In The Dental Technician’s Laboratory, Characteristics And Prices For 2018

Vihra Bobcheva, Radostina Vasileva


In the beginning of the 19th century, photography was applied in medicine for the first time. Its technical growth makes it applicable in many spheres. Object photography can be used in the dental technician’s laboratory when for the needs of the dental technician we take photographs of prosthetic constructions, wax models, and orthodontic apparatus. The photographs serve as precise documentation for communication with a dental office, for archives or for advertisement. The aim of this research paper is to suggest optimal equipment for basic and additional photography at a good price. After researching literary sources and the expert opinion of a professional photographer, we suggest configurations of basic and additional photographic aperture, which satisfy the minimal requirements for achieving quality results. Through a comparative characteristic of different brands of photographic equipment and their relative prices, as of the months June and July 2018, we came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to equip a costly professional photographic studio in order to get good results. It is recommended that digital photography be used more and more as a method of improving the effectiveness of the work and of the communication between patient and dental worker. After acquiring the proper equipment, we recommend to improve one’s knowledge of camera settings, composition, framerate, protocols for taking dental photographs through additional photography lessons.


equipment for dental photography, comparative analysis, prices of photographic equipment

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