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File Formats. Correction Of White Balance In Raw File Format

Vihra Bobcheva, Radostina Vasileva


Worldwide, photography has become a reality at the end of the 20th century. The rapid growth of electronics makes it more and more accessible. The images made via digital photography are saved on a memory card inside the camera in the form of long sequences of ones and zeros. The format in which the digital image is saved is called a file format. There are many types, but the basic formats used in photography are JPEG, TIFF and RAW. Our research of literary sources and expert opinions of photographers point to the RAW format type as the most important for editing of the image. To edit it, a software is used, which must be installed on a computer. In terms of computer programs this is Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). A significant part of the advantages of using a RAW file is the possibility of white balance correction. We concluded that there are three relevant methods of white balance correction, one of which we deem as most accurate. In summary, we suggest that one must improve one’s knowledge though courses that teach how to work with an image-editing software, and an image-editing software that focuses on working with RAW files. As a most viable option and with least compromises made with respect to changes in the original color of the image in dental photography, we recommend the use of a color map, as well as a correction of white balance in the RAW file.

The combination of properly selected photographic equipment and knowledge of editing will save time and money, improve communication and effectiveness of the work in the dental office or the dental technician’s laboratory.


RAW file, white balance, Adobe Camera Raw

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