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The Role Of The Midwife In Participating In Women's Health Prevention Programs

Svetlana Radeva, Emil Kovachev


The obstetric profession requires extensive scientific knowledge, communicative skills, the ability to take a holistic approach to the application of healing and diagnostic methods. In constant contact with patients, the health care professional independently whether it is a hospital or outpatient service. The main tasks of the midwife concern participation in solving problems related to the reproduction of the population, medical and social issues of marriage and family, sociolegal issues of the pregnant women, mothers and children. Midwives are professionally employed in specialized hospitals of obstetrics and gynecology, obstetric gynecology departments of other hospitals, obstetric and gynecological offices in outpatient care, sterility consultation offices, consultation offices for medical genetic counseling, family planning offices, maternity and childhood social care offices, scientific research institutes. The midwife can organize and manage health structures to promote health, health prophylaxis, health education and training for pregnant women, nurses and their families, parents' schools and nursing schools.


midwife, promotion, organization, function

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Midwives for midwives: Creating Partnerships to Strengthen Women (24.08.2018:



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