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Attitudes To Conducting Home Visits After Birth Among Working Midwives In Bulgaria

Diyana Petrova


Introduction: The home visit after birth is a natural continuation of the support and care about a woman. Today it is considered as part of the holistic model of prolonged care, which is practiced by midwives in developed countries. The proof of long-term health, social and economical benefits derived from postnatal follow-up by a midwife are unambiguous. In our country, there are no clear regulations of home visits done by midwives after birth.

Aim: The purpose of the recent research is to identify the attitudes of working midwives to the conduction of home visits after birth.

Materials and Methods: The research included 120 practicing midwives with a mean age of 45 years from 19 Bulgarian towns. It was conducted in the period October 2016 – March 2017. It used a structured anonymous inquiry, which included 11 closed-ended questions.

Results: The results from the research showed that midwives are ready to provide home visits after birth in a group or as independent midwife practice, if the activity is regulated by the National Health Insurance Fund.


home visit after birth, midwife, midwife care

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