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Study Of The Knowledge Of Foreign Students For The Prevention Of Hiv / Aids In The City Of Varna

Miglena Kolarova


Introduction: Thirty-seven years after the detection of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), there is no part of the world that is not affected by the disease, making it a pandemic. The majority of the patients are in France, Germany, England, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, and Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America and some Southeast Asian countries. About 6.6 million people live with HIV in West and Central Africa, more than half are in Nigeria. The incidence in some regions of Africa (Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia) and Southeast Asia (Thailand) reaches 30% of the entire population. About 4.9 million people are living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific Ocean region. Eastern European countries most affected by HIV/AIDS are Russia and Ukraine. Cases are recorded under different circumstances and among different populations. From professional point of view a high risk for infection with HIV exists among medical professionals and medical students.

Aim: The aim of this article is to study the knowledge of students from the English language program at the Medical University in Varna on HIV/AIDS prevention and monitoring in Varna and their attitude towards the need for further training.

Materials and Methods: Anonymous survey approved by the Ethics Committee at MU-Varna was conducted. A sociological method for analysis and interpretation of results from surveys was applied as well as a graphical method for presenting and illustrating the results obtained. The collected data was entered into computer files using SPSS version software.

Results: The study included 100 English-speaking students studying medicine and dental medicine. Participants were provided with information on the ongoing research and, after signing a declaration of informed consent, filled out a questionnaire that included 21 questions. The questionnaire did not include all aspects of HIV/AIDS care. Respondents from the survey were randomly selected following personal contacts at the Medical University of Varna.

Conclusion: The foreign students from the Medical University of Varna have diverse origins and different epidemiological, health and behavioral characteristics. About 79% of respondents are unaware of the organization of HIV/AIDS surveillance in Varna. All have expressed their consent to complementary training on the HIV/AIDS problem in different forms.


HIV/AIDS, foreign students, poll, anonymous survey

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