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Ayurveda’s Place In The Approach To The Bulgarian Patient

Elena Kraycheva, Stanislava Bogomilova, Yani Shivachev, Denitsa Grozdeva, Gergana Nenova


In recent years, Bulgarian patients have been increasingly looking for unconventional methods to promote a positive impact on individual health. One such possibility is the Ayurveda system - an ancient science of health and longevity. It originated in India and has been practiced for more than 5,000 years.

Aim: The goal of this article is to investigate the place of Ayurveda in the approach to the Bulgarian patient.

Materials and Methods: A survey was conducted among the 42 participants in the first Ayurveda course organized by the Medical University of Varna lectured by Dr. Naushad.

Results and Discussion: The students are willing to improve their awareness of the possibilities of the Ayurveda system in Bulgarian conditions. More than half of the respondents (64.2%) want to get acquainted in detail with the impact methods, and 83% would like to be enrolled in the next Ayurveda module. According to 81% of the respondents it is appropriate to include Ayurveda in the complex approach and 86% of the students would recommend this method to their patients. The willingness of Bulgarians to adopt the Ayurveda system was considered to be insufficient in 67% of respondents.

Overcoming suspicion among patients can be achieved by including alternative medicine training for undergraduate and post-graduate students in graduate medical schools. The Ayurveda system focuses on preserving health, helps building healthy habits and creating therapies that benefit not only the body but also the mentality, relationships, and spirit. It could be part of the prophylaxis and treatment of the Bulgarian patient.


unconventional methods, ayurveda, alternative medicine

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