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Professional Satisfaction Of Pharmacists Working In An Open Type Pharmacy

Desislava Aleksandrova


Drug services provided to the population and medical institutions are an integral part of the general organization of medical care for the society. The care of pharmacists is essential for public health. The article analyzes the pharmacists’ professional satisfaction with their work. The opportunities for career development, salaries, professional engagement and friendly environment have a strong influence on professional satisfaction. The problem of satisfaction is a complex subjective indicator of attitude towards work and is closely related to staff loyalty, attachment to the organization, and the desire to put in as much effort as possible to succeed.

The purpose of this research is to study the professional satisfaction of pharmacists working in open type pharmacies.

An anonymous survey was conducted among pharmacists working in open type pharmacies on the territory of the city of Varna. The survey was conducted in October 2017. The analysis of the job satisfaction shows that the majority of pharmacists are content with the pharmacy they work in.


professional satisfaction, pharmacists, work, pharmacy

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