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Examining The Effect Of The Online Radiological Consultation Platform StatDx

Georgi Valchev, Mariana Yordanova, Georgi Todorov, Chavdar Bachvarov, Boyan Balev, Ralitsa Popova, Tsvetelina Teneva, Viktoriya Kostadinova


StatDx is an online consultation platform for clinical radiologists and diagnostic imaging specialists. It comprises a large database of interconnected articles on diagnoses and differential diagnoses, allowing for quick and intuitive searches, sorting, and comparison between varying disease entities and between their imaging characteristics. This system is richly illustrated with vast amounts of drawings, schematics and imaging studies, all of which comprehensively annotated. StatDx was introduced to the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at St. Marina University Hospital, Varna in early 2017. Over a year later an anonymous internal study was conducted among the physicians using this system – including 14 specialists in Radiology and 8 Radiology interns. The data acquired pointed at a predominantly positive assessment of StatDx at the Department.


online consultation, radiology, roentgenology, new technologies, quality improvement, diagnostic imaging

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StatDx online consultation and decision-making support system, available online at



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