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Gynecological Health - Conscious Care For The Interns From The Midwife Program Of The Medical University Of Varna

Rumyana Laleva, Slavena Ilieva, Valya Dimitrova


INTRODUCTION: During the training period, prospective midwives study a wide range of disciplines related to the gynecological health of the girl and the woman. This process intertwines the information that reaches all of us from the media and other places. As future specialists they learn to interpret this information flow and to be knowledgeable about medical problems. Our study focuses on the practical care that students provide at the end of their training for their gynecological health.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A sociological method was used, with an individual and anonymous interview of all 28 students graduating  from the Midwife program in 2017 at the Medical University of Varna.

A documentary method, analyzing literary sources dealing with the subject of this study was applied as well as a statistical method used to analyze the results of the own study.


RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: A large percentage of students (72%) are familiar with the methods of detecting disorders in gynecological health. Of those surveyed, 75% visit a gynecologist regularly and have a prophylactic pap smear. The school is the place where 64% of future midwives have received the necessary information about it.

CONCLUSION: At the time of the study, midwives are ready to take care of their own gynecological health and be useful for their relatives and patients. They are almost unanimous in their responses on the necessary change in responsibilities for gynecological examinations.


information, prevention, gynecological health

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