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Oral Health And General Somatic Status In Childhood – Overview

Daniela Petrova, Miroslav Stoykov, Sirma Angelova


INTRODUCTION: Deteriorated oral health is most commonly associated with early childhood caries, periodontal and oral mucosa diseases. The link between systemic diseases and their manifestation in the oral cavity is well known and proven.

AIM: The aim of the present literature review is to assess oral health in children suffering from systemic diseases.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A literature review has been done on the basis of thirty referenced scientific publications using scientific databases - Science Direct, Google Scholar, PubMed and others.

RESULTS: We focused on oral diseases in patients suffering from some systemic diseases. Objects of scientific interest in this study are the specifics of oral status among children with anemia - most often of microcytic type; epilepsy - administering valproic drugs is a risk factor for the development of carious lesions and periodontal diseases in childhood; diabetes mellitus (type 1) – periodontal diseases develop faster and become worse; cardiovascular diseases – congenital heart abnormalities increase the risk of developing caries in early childhood. The daily use of medication, single-parent families, negative attitude towards oral hygiene affect the level of caries progression among children with systemic diseases. The relationship between body mass index and the development of oral diseases has been confirmed. Medications that are used to control and treat chronic systemic diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies and infections, increase the risk of developing carious lesions and erosions on the dental surfaces, especially if these medicines are with low pH and are taken for a long time.

CONCLUSION: The treatment of lesions of the hard tooth tissues, oral mucosa and periodontal apparatus affects positively the control and treatment of existing systemic diseases and vice versa – cured systemic diseases reduce the manifestation or progression of oral diseases.


systemic diseases, caries, periodontal diseases, diseases of the oral mucosa, childhood

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