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The Comparison Of Automated Urine Analysis With Manual Microscopic Examination For Urinalysis

Neli Sarkisyan, Zinaida Ivanova, Yana Bocheva


Introduction: Urinalysis is one of the most commonly performed tests in the clinical laboratory. It is an indicator of the status of urinary tract. Manual microscopic sediment examination is time-consuming and lacks standardization.

Aim: In this study the results from manual microscopic examination and automated urine analysis were compared.


Materials and Methods: A total of 94 urine samples were analyzed by Dirui FUS – 100 automatic urine sediment analyzer and by manual microscopic method using Fuchs – Rosenthal’s counting chamber. The results for leucocytes and erythrocytes were compared.

Results: Within the tested urine samples the average value for leucocytes counted by the automated analyzer was calculated as 163 ± 77 / microl, for leucocytes counted using counting chamber – 201 ± 45 / microl.

For erythrocytes counted by the automated analyzer the average value was calculated as 47 ± 48.5/microl and for the erythrocytes counted using counting chamber - 22 ± 13.5 / microl.

Statistical analyses were performed by the T Student’s Test (p < 0.05) and statistically significant difference was determined for the leucocyte count (p = 0.04) and for the erythrocyte count (p = 0.00081) using both methods.

Discussion: Automated systems are important in terms of standardization of measurement and speed of the analysis performance. The microscopic analysis of a pathological sample requires approximately 20 min. FUS – 100 Urine Sediment Analyzer is able to analyze 50 samples per hour. The automated analyzers are successfully used for screening urine samples. When combined with urine chemistry analysis the well trained staff can easily recognize the samples suspect for inaccurate result and to analyze them microscopically. The automated analyzers optimize the work process, providing significant amount of walk-away time for the laboratory staff.

Conclusion: Dirui FUS – 100 uses artificial intelligence identification technique. The system performs automated calibration, provides standardization of the measurement and repeatability and accuracy of the analysis.


уринен седимент, FUS–100, Fuchs-Rosenthal’s преброителна камера

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