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The Knowledge Of Medical Professionals On The Prevention Of Hiv/Aids Infection In Conditions Of Occupational Risk

Miglena Kolarova, Tsonko Paunov, Rumen Konstantinov


Introduction: The risk of professionally acquired infections is an inevitable part of the day-to-day care for patients. Professionally acquired infections cause significant illnesses among health workers.

Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the medical professionals' knowledge of taking adequate decisions for HIV/AIDS prevention after risk exposure.

Materials and Methods: Anonymous questionnaire surveyed 230 physicians with different professional engagement. The results were statistically processed with SPSS v. 20.0, using risk analysis, variance and comparative analysis.

Results and Discussion: The results of our study show that medical professionals are not familiar with the regulations on the risks of occupational exposure. Although more than one third of the surveyed have had risk exposure, with the risk increasing with the increase of work experience, nearly half are unaware of the reporting rules in the event of an accident.

Conclusion: These results show the need to organize and conduct adequate training of both practitioners and trainees to prevent the risk and limit blood-borne infections, including HIV/AIDS.


HIV infection, knowledge, medical professionals, prevention, occupational risk

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