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The training of Dental Technician students for work with certain types of systems for manufacturing of working models

Svetlana Angelova, Siana Paskova


The training of students enrolled in the Dental Technician program aims at mastering a certain volume of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional competencies. In order for this knowledge to be long-lasting the focus is set on increasing the intellectual activity and motivation of the students. The elective course Types of Working Model Systems in Dental Technology intends to introduce the students to the variety of working model systems, available on the dentistry market and to help them understand their advantages and disadvantages. The topics included in the curriculum are based on the most widely used methods in contemporary dental technology practice. The format of the course consists of lectures and practice sessions. The lecture part of the course is composed of 10 classes during which the students are acquainted in detail with the three basic types of systems and learn about their advantages and disadvantages. There are 20 practice sessions, which include the manufacturing of models using each of the three types of systems. The introduction to the clinical and laboratory protocol for work with a facial arch and an articulator is also included in the theoretical and practical education, having a positive impact on the future training in the specialized discipline - Technology of Dental Prostheses. The aim of the current article is to review students’ training in the Types of Working Model Systems in Dental Technology elective course during the second semester, which started in the 2017/2018 academic year. The interest it garners is high and increasing with time. Suitable equipment and materials needed for the discipline were bought with the kind assistance of the Management of the Medical University of Varna. During the training process the students are able to produce one working model using each system, as well as to include these models in the Denar Mark 310 articulator with mean values with the help of a registrate and a facial arch by the same company.


training, dental technology, system types, working model, articulator

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