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Survey Of The Necessity For Improving The Quality Of Health Care Training

Elena Zheleva, Pepa Dzedzheva, Galina Koleva, Daniel Monov Daniel Monov, Ivan Alexsandrov


The globalization of processes poses the problem of the quality of training of health care professionals in the higher education institution. The teaching process at the higher school has the important social task of preparing specialists capable of carrying out quality professional work with the virtues built up, needed for the daily professional activity.

The actuality of the research problem is determined by the need to improve the quality of health care education in the higher school. This requires an adequate assessment of the professional training of future medical specialists, in accordance with changing demographic processes, morbidity, chronic disease and human attitudes towards his or her own health as its highest value.

The purpose of the scientific communication is to reveal and outline the need to improve the quality of health care education at the higher school.

Tasks of the survey are: to examine the need to improve the quality of health care education in the higher education institution; to reveal the role of higher education; to investigate the effectiveness and relevance of health care education in the higher school; to determine the degree of satisfaction with their performance.

The methods used in the research are questionnaire survey, programmed interview, purposefully included observation and pedagogical experiment.

Subject of the survey is the necessity to improve the quality of healthcare education in the higher school with the students of the specialty "nurse" at the Medical University - Varna, Sliven Affiliate.

Object of the survey is the process and conditions under which the need to improve the quality of healthcare education is being studied.   

The analysis of the results has led to the conclusion that it is necessary to periodically increase the quality of healthcare education, in line with the growing needs of the population for proper and timely health care. This requires good organization and management of the learning process; provision of active and planned learning activity; acquiring of professional and moral knowledge, skills and competencies; formation of professionally significant personal qualities of the medical specialist.

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