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Professional And Personal Competence Of Healthcare Specialists And Inclination For Training

Mariana Bacheva, Malinka Ivanova, Rossitsa Doynovska


The management of the professional and personal competence of health professionals is one of the main tasks of modern management. A training strategy has been developed, based on empirical assessment of the needs of the target group of healthcare professionals in the Clinic of Pediatric Diseases, Dr. Georgi Stranski University Hospital, Pleven. The aim of the study is to outline the overall picture of professional and personal competence among working nurses to point out possible and necessary areas of professional competence that can be improved through training and to build a training program on this basis. The statistical processing of the data from the study was done with SPSS 16.0 and Excel, performing demographical statistics, percent ratio, average values of the individual factors, and correlation analysis. In the developed training program, in the first place there are topics related to learning communication skills, ability to work with aggressive parents, and skills to talk with parents. Pedagogical skills and competences, and abilities to use information technologies are third among all planned topics, followed by courses on coping strategies for dealing with stress and decision-making skills.


educational strategy, needs, training, nurses

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