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Study Of The Need For Home-Based Medical And Social Assistance For Older Adults And Elderly People

Yanka Markova, Silvia Borisova, Zhana Pavlovska


The number of older adults (people above 65 years) is increasing globally, while simultaneously the number of elderly people (individuals more than 80 years) is becoming higher and higher. This requires solving specific economic problems, and urgent resolution of tasks related to the development and provision of health and social services.

Тhe most vulnerable population group consists of solitary older adults, elderly people and disabled. In the organization of medico-social help of solitary older adults and elderly people it is necessary to assess their residual capacity and take into account the complexity of their medical and social care needs.

Aim: The aim of this article is to study and identify the most important medical and social care needs of solitary older adults and elderly people.

Materials and Methods: The subject of the study is the need for medical and social services and the assessment of the most needed ones for the older adults and the elderly living alone at home.
Methods used: sociological survey (anonymous poll); statistical processing and graphical interpretation of the results obtained.

Results and Discussion: The results of the study show that it is necessary to take into account the complex nature of their needs, differentiating the needs arising from the age and the individual characteristics of the person.

Conclusion: The currently available system of medical and social help cannot respond in accordance with the needs of solitary older adults and elderly people in home settings.


elderly and solitary old people, need for medical and social care at home

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