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Study Of The Quality Of Life Of Relatives Of Stroke Survivors

Pepa Dimitrova-Chilikova, Sonia Toncheva


INTRODUCTION: The consequences of stroke are severe both for the patient and for his family. Very often communication is disturbed, and depression is a constant companion for both the patient and his family.         

AIM: This study aims to identify changes in the quality of life of relatives of patients suffering from stroke.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 70 relatives were interviewed. Changes in professional environment, socialization and leisure time, as well as obligations for daily patient support, have been studied.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: The need to care for a patient suffering from a stroke directly affects the quality of life of their relatives. Depending on the consequences, a number of changes to the family's day-to-day work are required - change of work, need for additional income, daily care for the patient, lack of leisure time, etc.        

CONCLUSION: The preparation and training of patients suffering from stroke depending on their condition or their relatives during the hospital stay, synchronized with the healing process and the rehabilitation measures, would help to restore self-care and independence in day-to-day activities, and improve the quality of life of stroke survivors lowering the cost for the patient and his family, and preventing recurrences.


stroke, quality of life

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