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Study Of Patient’s Attitude Towards Use Of Unconventional Medicine In Complex Rehabilitation

Elena Ivanova


Introduction: Unconventional medicine encompasses a field of unofficially accepted medical methods and practices for diagnosis and treatment, which have arisen in ancient times. Unconventional medicine coexists in parallel with the officially accepted traditional medical sciences. Rehabilitation is part of the conventional medical school which focuses on treatment methods that allow the patient to restore normal bodily functions following an illness.

Aim: This study aims to research the patients’ attitude towards the application of unconventional methods for beneficial effects over an individual’s complex rehabilitation.

Materials and Methods: This study has been conducted via an anonymous questionnaire targeted at rehabilitation patients. The data has been processed and analyzed using statistical methods.

Results and Discussion: The survey results point that a third of the study participants have used at some point unconventional medical methods. It is worth noting that a large portion of the subjects who have not used unconventional methods believe that these methods can be included in complex specialized rehabilitation programs. More than half of the subjects have expressed willingness to use unconventional medicine and the same group would recommend such treatment to relatives and friends.

Conclusion: The study results show that an increasing percentage of people seek and use unconventional medicine. This in turn will require new legislation to address the issue of legalizing the practicing of unconventional medicine.


unconventional medicine, rehabilitation, attitude

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