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Student Community As An Educational Factor

Azaduhi Eremyan, Milena Nedelcheva, Marinela Grudeva


The question of clarifying the influence of the major factors that have the greatest impact on the education of school-age children is a traditional one in the pedagogical literature. There is an undoubted opinion that school, along with family, has a leading role among these factors. School itself is a kind of community that stands out with its specific culture and environment. It is called upon to give not only knowledge to the younger generation, but also to instill a sense of belonging to the educational and cultural traditions of the people, responsibility to oneself and to the others, respect for the institutions, etc. Evidence of this can be found in various types of research according to which school education and upbringing are a kind of system comprising several subsystems: a teacher and teaching community, a student and student community, a community of the service staff, the school board. The most valuable asset of the Bulgarian educational system is the child (the student). That is why every idea for development of the Bulgarian school education is assessed precisely through the prism of this “asset” a student should feel as an artist in the school environment, should be involved in the successes and failures of the people with whom s/he communicates, should build and form his/her own opinion that will stimulate his/her participation in the forms of self-organization and self-management, should get to know himself/herself using his/her evolving reflection, i.e. the interest in what the others think of him/her, how they feel about him/her, how s/he sees herself/himself, what s/he really is like, and so on. All this can be achieved mostly in an environment of peers. That is why the student community is defined and considered as an important factor for the upbringing of the children in the educational (school) environment.


child, student, school, community, educational system, education

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