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Student Nurses On The Non-Healthy Way Of Life

Maria Georgieva, Petya Tsvetkova, Evgenia Dimitrova



The profession of the nurse requires knowledge of the proper, healthy, active way of life, so nurses can guide and advise their patients, and not just be an example for them to follow.


The aim of the study is to establish nutritional and other behavioral habits of nursing students as a prerequisite for their attitudes towards healthy lifestyles.

Materials and Methods:

1.         Sociological Methods:

Documentary method - study of the available literature on the problem;

Poll method - Anonymous survey of the opinion of 100 nursing students from sophomore and junior year of MU - Pleven.

2.         Statistical methods:

Survey data was processed with a computer statistical program - SPSS 19 for WINDOWS and EXCEL.

Results and Discussion:

The analysis of the survey shows the distribution of the respondents into 3 groups compared to their self-assessment for a healthy lifestyle: 34% define their lifestyle as healthy, 32% as unhealthy, and the remaining 34% cannot tell. There is a large share of respondents (45%) who say they often miss meals, 34% often eat pastry for breakfast and 38% have dinner between 19:00 and 22:00. In terms of physical activity and mental relaxation, a large proportion of students exercise less often than once a month, and almost all spend about or less than 8 hours a day on sleep and rest.


From what has been said so far, it can be concluded that most of the nursing students surveyed have unhealthy habits and poor nutrition and are having difficulty in correctly categorizing their lifestyle as being healthy or unhealthy.


healthy, unhealthy, lifestyle, nurses, health care, students

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