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Study Of The Intentions For Continuing Education Of Midwifery Students

Zhana Pavlovska, Yanka Markova, Mila Kostadinova


Basic education in the university has to prepare future midwifes and ensure their competencies needed for working task execution immediately after their graduation and later for the stages in their future professional development, which will be realized by continuing education.

The research objective is studying of the intentions for continuing education of midwifery students.

Materials and Methods: In the research were included 112 students from third and fourth year of education of Midwife specialty studying in: Medical University – Sofia, Medical University – Pleven, Angel Kanchev Russe University, Medical University of Varna and its affiliates in Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, and Sliven.

The research subject was related to the intentions of students to participate in continuing education in the process of their professional realization. Documentary and sociological methods were applied. The documentary method takes the form of a literature research, while the sociological method includes an anonymous inquiry.

            The results showed positive intention of future midwifes toward continuing education and readiness for participation in different forms of this kind of education.

Conclusion: Most of the students were convinced that they need to raise their qualification continuously in order to practice successfully their profession. The leading impulses were: raising and maintenance of their professional qualification, career promotion possibility, personal self-improvement, better realization on the labor market. Lecturers and supervising midwifes have а leading role in the process of professional orientation and development of future midwifes.


intentions, students, midwife, continuous education, professional development

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