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Study Of The Historical Heritage In Veliko Tarnovo Region Related To Midwifery Practice

Zhana Pavlovska, Diana Dimitrova, Teodora Aleksieva


The current historical review studies historical documents dating back to the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (ХII –ХIV century) and until the end of XX century, all related to midwife practices in the Veliko Tarnovo region of the country. The report is based on a historical as well as a documentary method while the information is interpreted and systemized. The data reveals that the health and midwife practices in this part of Bulgaria are the prototypes of modern midwifery practices, which have a unique character and are example also for the modern generation. Nine sources are studied in the period April – June 2018 (record sources and material evidences from funds of the Regional Historical Museum and Regional Library in Veliko Tarnovo). The text is chronically structured.


history, midwife practice, Veliko Tarnovo

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