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Establishment and Equipment of the First in Bulgaria Laboratory of Marinе Medicine

Velislava Raynova, Dimitar Stavrev


The intensive development of society towards the use of marine resources for industry, transport, leisure, etc., raises the requirements for professional competencies and responsibilities of medical professionals working on board a marine facility or on shore. The Medical University in Varna is the first and only medical university in Bulgaria, which has developed interdisciplinary in nature Marine Medicine program. Working as a partner in “Infrastructure for Sustainable Development of Marine Research Including the Participation of Bulgaria in the European Infrastructure EURO-ARGO” - MASRI for the first time provides an opportunity to develop a laboratory of marine medicine. The purpose of this study is to assess the needs for appropriate equipment of such a specialized laboratory. In it with the capabilities of modern equipment and methods, the problems of marine physiology, hyperbaric medicine, urgency in marine environment and efficiency in the training of marine professionals will be explored. Providing a laboratory of marine medicine with appropriate equipment gives us the material basis for the implementation of numerous studies for the development and improvement of methods for functional assessment of marine specialists. It provides an opportunity to assess, monitor, improve, and control the training, coaching and qualification of marine professionals. The data from the measurements will be useful for optimizing the training of seafarers and especially those with increased occupational risk - lifeguards, members of volunteer teams, and athletes in water sports.


maritime medicine, laboratory, physiology, lung volumes, dynamometry, equipment

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