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Organization Of The Medical Aspect In Overcoming The Consequences During The First Training In Emergency Water Landing Of An Aircraft In The Varna Bay

Gabriela Tomova, Dimitar Stavrev


All aircrafts fly over water areas, which makes the possibility of water landing great. Aviation accidents are a growing problem and some of them occur in coastal areas where there is a possibility for timely assistance.

In Varna, a training program named "Search and Rescue in Case of an Air Accident and Elimination of the Consequences" was held. It covered actions of the constituent parts in the district of Varna on organization, management and interaction of the forces for search, rescue and liquidation of the consequences in case of an accident of an aircraft near a body of water. The search and rescue teams have the task of reaching the remains on land and water, rescuing people, evacuating victims and transporting to medical facilities, extinguishing the fire, limiting the access to the area and providing corridors connecting the scene with the services and medical facilities. The triage of the injured and the victims is carried out by medical professionals while the performing of first aid is being done by the Center for Emergency Medical Aid (CSMP) and the volunteers from the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC).

Through scientific sources and the approved plan for conducting the exercise, the medical aspects of overcoming the consequences of an emergency water landing of an aircraft in the Varna Bay have been analyzed. Of particular importance is the good cooperation between the medical, voluntary and rescue teams in order to be able to react quickly and efficiently. With the help of these exercises, Varna is better prepared to deal with any disaster or mass accident that may befall the region.


exercise, flooding, plane crash, first aid, sorting, volunteer teams

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