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Kinesitherapy Exercises With Sea Water And On Sand - Benefits For The Human Physical Activity

Vanya Dacheva, Simona Seleva


Kinesitherapy exercises with sea water and sand are proved to have a therapeutic effect on the human body.

Thalassotherapy *(thalasso – sea; therapia – treatment)* combines the benefits of sea water itself, which is rich in mineral salts, marine mud, and algae; and the seashore climate. The medical benefits of this treatment are undeniable: the sea water resembles the mineral components of human plasma, and when it enters the blood flow through our pores it enriches our mineral balance. Sea water contains iodine which has healing effects on the musculoskeletal, the nervous, and the  endocrine systems. Furthermore, the difference in body and seawater temperatures stimulates physical activity.

Treatment with hot sand, known as psammotherapy *(psammos – sand),* originates in ancient Egypt. The use of sand has healing and relaxing effects and it incorporates a full-body therapy. Exercises on dry and soft sand are extremely effective. They are beneficial when conducting a rehabilitation of fractures, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, radiculitis, and neuralgias. Exercises on sand focus on the stimulation of the lower limb muscles because they require a bigger range of motion and generate a higher-intensity training.


seawater, thalassotherapy, psammotherapy, kinesitherapy exercises

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