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Satwebmare Interactive Web-Mapping System In Support Of The Sustainable Management Of The Bulgarian Coastal Zone

Vasile Craciunescu, Ognyan Kounchev, Damyan Kalaglarski, Lyubka Pashova, Lachezar Filchev, Vasko Galabov, Maya Ilieva, Bozhidar Srebrov


The article aims to represent a general overview of the prototype web-mapping interactive system SatWebMare for the Bulgarian coastal zone. The interactive system is designed to provide through geo-portal innovative products and services for integrated coastal zone management. The web-mapping system combines geo-databases from different sources such as satellite imagery, maps, vector layers and other datasets. The content of the SatWebMare Geo-Portal is briefly outlined. The web-interface system will provide access to applications and products with an improved spatial and temporal resolution for three areas of interest - sea waves, natural hazards and geomagnetism in the Area of Interest (AOI). The web-mapping system is developing based on the free and open-source software, OGS standards and following the EU INSPIRE Directive recommendations. Once the prototype system is fully developed, it will enable to provide access to value-added products and services that are useful to ministries, agencies, local authorities and other stakeholders in support of the decision making.


SatWebMare project, Web-mapping, Earth observation, integrated coastal zone management, the Black Sea, Bulgarian coastal zone

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Kounchev O., Pashova L., Filchev L., Kalaglarski D., Craciunescu V., Galabov V. et al., SatWebMare products and services in support of the sustainable management of the Bulgarian coastal zone. Proc. of the 14th International conference on marine sciences and technologies, 10 - 12 October 2018, Varna, Bulgaria, 251-255. Available at:

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