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Prostate-Specific Antigen PSA: its Role in Diagnosis and Screening of Prostate Cancer

Lidiya Petkova, Tosho Ganev, Toni Statelov, Nikolay Evtimov


PSA revolutionized diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. PSA is diagnostic, clinical and prognostic parameter. It serves for differential diagnosis between BPH and PC (American Urological Association), staging and control of treatment .The value of routine screening is confirmed by the ERSPC study of Erasmus University-Rotterdam - 21% reduction of mortality of PC by regular screening and 11-years follow up. The study includes 182 160 men, 50-74 aged, from 8 countries. Mortality is 0.10/1000, whereas in the controlled group is 1.07/1000, PC is detected in 9.6% against 6% in the controlled group.


PSA; Prostate cancer (PC); diagnosis; screening; prognosis

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