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Views and beliefs of pharmaceutical managers on the trends in over-the-counter (OTC) drug use. An analysis

Antoaneta Tsvetkova


The access to medicines and other medicinal products depends on the ability of certain socioeconomic groups to influence the quality and quantity of pharmaceutical products on the market. They have a decisive role in settling issues related to the poor access of patients to medicinal products. These groups comprise representatives of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy owners, pharmacists, medical distributors and politicians engaged in health care policies.


Keywords: pharmaceutical management, marketing, OTC, patient / customer

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Национална аптечна камара, пресконфереция, пресклуб БТА, 29.08.2010г.,

Основи на икономиката, икономика наздравеопазването.

Фармацевтичният мениджмънт включва управление, контрол и регулиране на различни сфери във фармацията.

Ценообразуване при лекарствата, теоретични основи и практика.



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