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Diagnostic value of imaging examinations in pleural empyema

Daniel Bulyashki


A retrospective analysis was conducted on preoperative imaging diagnoses in 48 patients with pleural empyema, aged 50.31±18.75 years on average. The study spanned from January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2022, at the Clinic of Thoracic Surgery and the Department of General and Operative Surgery, Medical University of Varna. Of the participants, 37 were males with an average age of 49.00±18.84 years, and 11 were females with an average age of 54.73±20.25 years. Positive findings were identified in all patients through thoracic computed tomography, chest x-ray, and pleural echography examinations. Chest x-rays were performed in 45 patients (93.75%), computed tomography in 39 patients (81.25%), and echography was used in addition to these methods for 18 patients (37.50% of cases). These contemporary imaging techniques demonstrate an impressive preoperative diagnostic value in patients with pleural empyema.


pleural empyema, computed tomography, x-ray, echography

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