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Imaging methods and techniques in dental practice

Elka Kostova, Svetlana Angelova


The purpose of this study is to provide a brief overview of commonly applied imaging methods and techniques used in dental practice. Knowing the different types of X-ray techniques is closely related not only to obtaining good results but also to achieving radiation safety for patients and X-ray technicians.

X-rays have great diagnostic value in daily dental practice. They are not only a supplement to the clinical examination but also a valuable diagnostic tool for visualization of the maxillofacial structures. Imaging methods play a pivotal role in determining treatment planning and assessing follow-up results for various clinical issues concerning the oral cavity and adjacent tissues. As imaging technology continues to advance, there is an increasing demand for more precise imaging methods and diagnostic tools. In modern dental practice, both conventional intraoral radiographs and advanced three-dimensional imaging methods, such as cone beam computed tomography, have found their rightful place. The transition from analog to digital radiography has not only simplified and expedited the process but also improved image retrieval, storage, contrast, and brightness. Moreover, three-dimensional imaging has revolutionized the examination of complex craniofacial structures, making them more accessible for analysis and expediting the process of early and accurate diagnosis.

This article specifically focuses on the current advances in imaging technologies and their distinct characteristics. It does not address the issues related to their application in various dental areas, which may serve as subjects for future discussions.



image diagnostics, diagnostic methods, dental practice, analog radiography, digital radiography

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