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Perception of the nursery nurse through the eyes of student nurses

Diana Grozdeva, Fatme Ismail, Merlin Aliosman


In the fast-paced world of modern healthcare, the role of nurses continues to evolve and expand, gaining more significance and recognition. As student nurses undergo training, they are exposed to a wide range of nursing roles, including the opportunity to work in nurseries. This exposure allows them to gain insights into the responsibilities and duties of healthcare workers in the nursery setting.

The aim of this study is to explore the perceptions of student nurses regarding nurses working in nurseries.

Materials and methods: A direct and anonymous survey was conducted among 58 nursing students, all in their second or third year of studies at MU-Varna, in April 2023.

Results and discussion: Student nurses actively observe the work of nursery nurses during their clinical practice, engaging in various activities as part of the children's daily routine. More than two-thirds of the student nurses acknowledge the challenges of nursing in a nursery due to the immense responsibility associated with caring for children. Effective communication and patience were unanimously recognized as essential traits for nurses working with children. Practical skills in healthcare provision and the ability to work with children were highlighted as vital skills for nursery nurses by the students of MU-Varna. According to these students, the core activities of nursery nurses revolve around fostering healthy habits and implementing nutritious practices for the children under their care.


nurse, nursery, perception, students, children

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