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The leading role of the mentor in the practical training of students from the X-Ray Laboratory Assistant program

Hristi Georgieva, Mariyana Yordanova


Mentoring is a popular way to influence people. It is a process in which an experienced person voluntarily dedicates their time and knowledge to support and encourage a less experienced one in their development and growth in a particular field. In the learning process, the mentor influences students’ thinking, behavior, and actions. The organization of medical universities goes through continuous improvement, management, and control to meet the growing healthcare needs in the globalizing world.

The role of a mentor during the practical training of medical professionals, including x-ray laboratory assistants, is extremely important. It has a significant impact on students' motivation and the level of knowledge and skills they acquire during their practice. The mentor influences students in various ways during their practical training—as a role model, providing support and motivation, guiding them in their career development, assisting them in developing professional knowledge and skills, and fostering personal qualities.

To effectively fulfill their mentoring role, the teacher must possess a set of skills and qualities to earn the trust and respect of students and engage them in improving the profession they have chosen. In the training of x-ray laboratory assistants at the Medical College, practical preparation, including internships and pregradute training, constitutes 50% of all classes in the curriculum. This means that during their education, students interact with their mentors, creating a two-way influence flow, which can be beneficial for all participants in the learning process.


mentor, students, x-ray laboratory assistants, practical training, influence

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