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Training and education – key factors in reducing accidents on ships

Maria Panteleeva, Hristianna Romanova


Introduction: A brief overview of the importance of the training and education of shipboard personnel (medical and support) to reduce the number of casualties and victims in the event of an incident is presented.

Aim: This study aims to analyse the disaster risks on marine vessels and the importance of factors for the successful management of emergency situations on board.

Materials and Methods: A review of scientific literature by national and foreign authors, as well as relevant legislation, is conducted. A number of key documents are analysed and the results are summarised.

Results: Training and practical preparation of personnel are critical to reducing the number of casualties and injured people in disasters, including shipboard incidents. Medical equipment and the provision of effective emergency medical care are other major factors in reducing adverse consequences. Advance training and education of passengers on correct behaviour are also important to reduce the risk of critical situations.

Conclusion: It is mandatory to conduct a short training course on protection, first aid, and evacuation of crew and passengers before each trip of a large group of tourists.


disasters, marine vessels, first aid, safety, code

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