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The potential of homeopathy for treating allergic rhinitis

Gabriela Kehayova


Allergic rhinitis is not only a medical but also a social problem. The impairment of quality of life from rhinitis is comparable to that of moderately severe bronchial asthma. In search of a safe, but also effective, alternative to the established therapy for the long-term effects of allergic rhinitis, more and more patients are directed to a consultation with a homeopathic doctor. The present study aimed to investigate homeopathy's effectiveness in treating allergic rhinitis. More than 20 literature sources have been studied, presenting successful therapy for patients with allergic rhinitis and other diseases with homeopathy. Databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed, and Google Scholar were used, as well as the medical documentation of a patient with seasonal allergic rhinitis, treated with homeopathy, treated with homeopathy at the "Dr. Kehayovi Health Center" in the city of Varna. The literature review results and the clinical case showed that homeopathy is an effective and completely safe alternative to conventional medicine, providing the patient with disease control and reduced exacerbations.


allergy, allergic rhinitis, homeopathy, alternative medicine, safe treatment

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