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Vol 5 (2016): Suppl 3. Proceedings from the scientific conference Sliven 2016 contemporary trends in nursing and midwifery

Cover and contents PDF


Risk of future nurses occupationally contracting blood-borne infections, and standard safety measures PDF
Pepa Dzhedzheva, Elena Zheleva, Ivan Aleksandrov, Ivan Dimitrov 11-16
Organization of therapeutic feeding in a hospital ward PDF
Zhivka Margosyan, Mariana Zhelyazkova, Ivan Dimitrov, Ivan Aleksandrov 17-21
Epilepsy as a secret in pregnant women: `Shall I report it or not?` PDF
Mariya Tsocheva, Ivan Dimitrov, Ivan Aleksandrov 22-24
Health risk for the mother and the baby in cases of antiepileptic drug withdrawal during pregnancy PDF
Mariya Tsocheva, Ivan Aleksandrov, Ivan Dimitrov 25-27
Obesity in children as a risk factor for developing diabetes mellitus PDF
Mariana Zhelyazkova, Violeta Aleksieva, Ivan Aleksandrov, Ivan Dimitrov 28-32
Awareness of the risk factors for sexual health amongst adolescents PDF
Violeta Aleksieva, Ivan Dimitrov, Ivan Aleksandrov Aleksandrov 33-36
The practical classes for the preparation of healthcare professionals PDF
Elena Zheleva, Pepa Dzhedzheva, Ivan Aleksandrov, Ivan Dimitrov 37-41
Selective coronary angiogrphy: care for patients during the preparation for and after the procedure PDF
Silviya Dancheva, Pepa Dzhedzheva 42-46
Research about awareness among students of specialty `nurse` of rendering health care to children with Down syndrome PDF
Fatme Durlyova, Milena Valcheva 47-50
Self-assesment of students in specialty „nurse` about their skills for dealing in emergencies outside study centres PDF
Marina Barbova-Stankova, Katya Eguruze 51-55
Awareness and attitude to participate in screening tests of the population of Varna PDF
Valentina Stoykova, Anna Vasileva, Katya Genova 56-59
Knowledge of nurse students about the proper behavior during a terrorist act PDF
Krystina Radushevа, Petya Dimitrova, Advisor: Anna Georgieva 60-63
Photodamage of the anterior eye surface from UV radiation. Adequate methods of protection PDF
Dobrin Boyadzhiev, Evgeni Neshkinski, Hristina Grupcheva 64-67
Need for nursing and social care in patients with multiple sclerosis PDF
Violeta Staneva, Ivan Dimitrov 68-73
Survey of attitudes of nurse and midwife university students for provision of health and social services for children and families PDF
Daniela Taseva, Katya Vasileva 74-78
Organization of clinical practice in the first semester - challenge for both mentors and students PDF
Margarita Borisova Borisova, Yanka Markova 79-83
Attitudes of student nurses to work with children PDF
Anna Georgieva, Jenya Petkova, Mariana Dimitrova, Krasimira Stamova, Veselina Vasileva 84-87
Study on readiness for pre- and postabortion consultation among midwives PDF
Todorka Boeva 88-92
Problem of smoking among students from fifth grade and the role of nurse in school health office PDF
Radostina Zhecheva, Tamara Tsvetkova 93-97
Application of the glasgow coma scale in nursing practice PDF
Pepa Chilikova, Ivan Dimitrov 98-102
Application of telehealth for the improvement of quality of care in patients with COPD PDF
Krassimira Laleva 103-109
Practical approaches to limit turnover nurses PDF
Sonya Toncheva, Mariana Dimitrova 110-115
Role of the patronage midwives in strengthening maternal and child health PDF
Christina Gencheva, Theodora Evtimova 116-120
Package of services for children with special needs PDF
Tamara Tsvetkova, Radostina Zhecheva 121-125
Need for providing health information midwives - opinion of expert from Family consultation center in Shoumen PDF
Theodora Evtimova, Christina Gencheva 126-130
Mucopolysaccharidosis PDF
Desislava Hristakeva-Atanasova, Under the supervison of Dr. Luba Bachvarova 131-134
Students` awareness of domestic violence PDF
Ralitsa Rangelova, Milena Valcheva, methodical leader Mariana Dimitrova Nikolova 135-139
History of vaccines PDF
Merlin Mehmed, Mehnuriet Basri 140-143
Nutrition - risk factor in the patogenesis of modern diseases PDF
Anna Vasileva, Valentina Stoykova, Katya Eguruze 144-148
Need for targeted training of nurses to adequately conduct during a terrorist act PDF
Petya Dimitrova, Krystina Radushevа, Advisor: Assistant Professor Anna Georgieva 149-152
Overload during exam session: a factor influencing the levels of stress among students PDF
Milena Valcheva, Ralitsa Rangelova, мethodical leader: Mariana Dimitrova 153-157
Health care for patients with stroke - a challenge for rehabilitation at home environment PDF
Nikolay Nedev, Gergana Nenova, Paraskeva Mancheva 158-161
Physioterapeutic view on the management of low back pain PDF
Gergana Nenova, Silvyia Filkova, Nikolay Nedev 162-165
Advantages and opportunities of Fitball for prevention and treatment in kinesitherapy PDF
Elena Ivanova, Stanislava Bogomilova, Donka Nikolova 166-169
Study of the opportunities of kinesitherapy to tackle obesity in school-age PDF
Stanislava Bogomilova, Elena Ivanova, Krasimira Yordanova-Nestorova 170-173
Impact of pet therapy and its application as a part of rehabilitation PDF
Victoriya Georgieva, Dayana Georgieva, Tzvetan Totev, Methodical coach: asst. Donka Nikolova 174-179
Role of physical activity and social protection for improving the quality of life in healthy adults PDF
Dоnka Nikolova, Elena Krajcheva 180-186
The opportunities of kinesitherapy to keep elderly people independent PDF
Birshen Mehmedova, Sirma Dicheva, Krasimira Yordanova-Nestorova, Anita Atanasova, Mariana Mihaylova, Silvia Filkova 187-189
What we know about the flatfoot PDF
Sirma Dicheva, Krasimira Yordanova-Nestorova, Anita Atanasova, Birshen Mehmedova, Mariana Mihaylova, Silvia Filkova 190-193
Application of zone therapy for joint and muscular pain in the spine PDF
Anita Atanasova, Birshen Mehmedova, Sirma Dicheva, Krasimira Yordanova-Nestorova, Donka Nikolova, Silvia Filkova 194-196
The therapeutic properties of essential rose oil PDF
Krasimira Yordanova-Nestorova, Anita Atanasova, Birshen Mehmedova, Sirma Dicheva, Asst. Silvia Filkova 197-201
The personal approach in rehabilitation care - a necessary condition for improving the quality of life in patients with stroke PDF
Nikolay Nedev 202-205

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