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Varna Medical Forum

Vol 10, No 1 (2021)

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A study on the relationship between Body Mass Index and some circulating microRNAs in patients with Crohn`s Disease PDF
Antonia Atanassova 7-12
The expression of microRNA-199 - a new potential biomarker for immunomediated inflammation PDF
Antonia Atanassova 13-17
Cytogenetic findings of couples with reproductive failure – retrospective analysis from Bulgarian Population PDF
Mariya Tsvetkova, Mariya Levkova, Lyudmila Angelova 18-24
HIV-associated thrombocytopenia and anemia during pregnancy PDF
Nikoleta Tabakova 25-27
Basic concepts of autologous platelet concentrate preparation PDF
Nikoleta Ivanova, Galina Yaneva, Dobri Ivanov 28-34
Laryngomalacia: review of current evidence and considerations PDF
Lora Nikiforova, Nikolay Sapundzhiev 35-46
Patient positioning before minimally invasive surgery PDF
Milena Nankova, Silviа Borisova, Anton Tonev 47-51
Arterial hypertension and bone health—a literature review PDF
Radina Dimitrova, Georgi Todorov 52-63
Prognostic factors for recovery of aphasia after acute ischemic stroke—a review PDF
Radina Fuchidzhieva 64-68
Quality of life in patients with aphasia after acute ischemic stroke—a review PDF
Radina Fuchidzhieva 69-72
Ollier disease and neurological complications—a clinical case PDF
Stela Atanasova, Sevdzhan Osman, Boyan Balev, Ara Kaprelyan, Ivan Dimitrov 73-76
Morphological diagnosis of skin melanoma PDF
Lilyana Petkova, George St. Stoyanov 77-86
Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections in childhood—a challenge for general practitioners PDF
Magdalena Bliznakova, Ivelina Hristova, Vanya Alexandrova, Raditsa Alexovska, Eva Hristova, Petar Kosev, Stefan Fartunov, Valentina Madjova 87-93
Vaccines – past and future PDF
Vanya Alexandrova, Ivelina Hristova, Raditsa Alexovska, Zhenya Ruseva, Valentina Madjova 94-97
Possibilities of physiotherapy for quality of life improvement in lumbar disc herniation patients PDF
Zhenya Ruseva 98-103
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and COVID-19. The Global Experience PDF
Iskra Kapincheva, Desislava Vankova 104-108
Change in eating habits during the Covid 19 pandemic PDF
Gabriela Naydenova, Aydzhan Mehmedova, Zyuleyha Ahmed, Milena Nankova 109-113
Normative Approaches in the Introduction of a State of Emergency and an Emergency Epidemic Situation in the Context of СOVID-19 PDF
Maria Valkanova, Margarita Bachvarova 114-121
Study of the preparedness of bystanders with no medical education for first aid provision in multiple casualty incidents PDF
Teofan Kuyumdzhiev, Hristianna Romanova, Nikolina Radeva 122-125
Marine and water-related bio-incidents and preparedness for bioterrorism and biothreats PDF
Iglika Marinova, Miroslav Marinov, Hristianna Romanova, Dimitar Stavrev 126-131
Professional activities of nurses in hemodialysis centers PDF
Krasimira Stamova 132-137
Sociodemographic characteristics of blood donors from the Varna region PDF
Janina Ivanova 138-142
Assessment of the implant disease risk profile—a review PDF
Irena Georgieva 143-149
Epidemiological research on the prevalence and causes of edentulism in the population of Varna, Bulgaria PDF
Elitsa Dzhongova, Izabella Petrova 150-154
A case of simultaneous and joint implant and orthodontic treatment PDF
Rosen Tsolov, Georgi Yordanov 155-157
А case of a lower jaw fracture treatment after lower wisdom tooth extraction PDF
Rosen Tsolov, Georgi Yordanov 158-161
Comparison between conventional and digital impression techniques in prosthetic dentistry: a literature review PDF
Kiril Gogushev, Metodi Abadjiev, Zornitsa Valcheva 162-168
Evaluation of the holding strength according to the cements used and the type of surface treatment of a single zirconium crown PDF
Ivan Denkov, Kiril Gogushev 169-174
Dental ergonomics. Ergonomic principles of work in dental laboratories PDF
Radostina Vasileva 175-181

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