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A study on the relationship between Body Mass Index and some circulating microRNAs in patients with Crohn`s Disease PDF
Antonia Atanassova
The expression of microRNA-199 - a new potential biomarker for immunomediated inflammation PDF
Antonia Atanassova
Marine and water-related bio-incidents and preparedness for bioterrorism and biothreats PDF
Iglika Marinova, Miroslav Marinov, Hristianna Romanova, Dimitar Stavrev
Cytogenetic findings of couples with reproductive failure – retrospective analysis from Bulgarian Population PDF
Mariya Tsvetkova, Mariya Levkova, Lyudmila Angelova
Professional activities of nurses in hemodialysis centers PDF
Krasimira Stamova
A case of simultaneous and joint implant and orthodontic treatment PDF
Rosen Tsolov, Georgi Yordanov
HIV-associated thrombocytopenia and anemia during pregnancy PDF
Nikoleta Tabakova
А case of a lower jaw fracture treatment after lower wisdom tooth extraction PDF
Rosen Tsolov, Georgi Yordanov
Epidemiological research on the prevalence and causes of edentulism in the population of Varna, Bulgaria PDF
Elitsa Dzhongova, Izabella Petrova
Laryngomalacia: review of current evidence and considerations PDF
Lora Nikiforova, Nikolay Sapundzhiev
Comparison between conventional and digital impression techniques in prosthetic dentistry: a literature review PDF
Kiril Gogushev, Metodi Abadjiev, Zornitsa Valcheva
Evaluation of the holding strength according to the cements used and the type of surface treatment of a single zirconium crown PDF
Ivan Denkov, Kiril Gogushev
Vaccines – past and future PDF
Vanya Alexandrova, Ivelina Hristova, Raditsa Alexovska, Zhenya Ruseva, Valentina Madjova
Arterial hypertension and bone health—a literature review PDF
Radina Dimitrova, Georgi Todorov
Normative Approaches in the Introduction of a State of Emergency and an Emergency Epidemic Situation in the Context of СOVID-19 PDF
Maria Valkanova, Margarita Bachvarova
Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections in childhood—a challenge for general practitioners PDF
Magdalena Bliznakova, Ivelina Hristova, Vanya Alexandrova, Raditsa Alexovska, Eva Hristova, Petar Kosev, Stefan Fartunov, Valentina Madjova

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