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Y. Zayakova


Augmentation alone is one of the most common procedures in aesthetic surgery. It aims at achieving the desired breast shape and volume, and, therefore, in most cases, patient`s level of satisfaction is quite high. The aim of this study is to analyze the specific indications for the application of the dualplane technique for different types of breast. Augmentation alone performed with dual plane technique is used in 262 patients aged 18 to 51 years. Dual plane I is applied in 86 patients (in 32,82%), dual plane II in 24 (in 9,16%), dual plane III - in 78 (in 29,78%), and different dual plane for each breast - in 74 (in 28,24% of the cases). Our results are very good in 232 patients (in 88,55%), good - in 17 (in 6,49%), satisfactory - in 8 (in 3,05%), and poor - in 5 (in 1,91% of the cases). The dual-plane technique can be applied to all types of breast. It allows stable soft tissue coverage and provides good con- tact between the implant, pectoral muscle, and breast tissue.


augmentation, dual-plane technique, implants, ptosis, breast types


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