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Varna Medical Forum

Varna Medical Forum is an official scientific journal of the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. It is published in Bulgarian with abstracts in English. The journal accepts articles from all fields of medicine. Periodicity - 2 issues annually. Proceedings and abstracts from congresses, symposia and conferences organized by the Medical University of Varna are published as supplements to the journal.

Current Issue

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Endothelial dysfunction in beta-thalassemia PDF
Kristina Petrova
Updating the classification of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma PDF
Plamen Vasilev
Abfraction: myth or reality PDF
Vesela Hristova
Diagnostic value of imaging examinations in pleural empyema PDF
Daniel Bulyashki
The healing power of algae PDF
Evgeniya Vladeva, Iveta Bineva
A review of clinically significant interactions between medicines and green tea PDF
Maya Radeva-Ilieva
Application of thoracoscopic surgery in patients with pleural empyema PDF
Daniel Bulyashki
Perception of the nursery nurse through the eyes of student nurses PDF
Diana Grozdeva, Fatme Ismail, Merlin Aliosman
Imaging methods and techniques in dental practice PDF
Elka Kostova, Svetlana Angelova
Estuarine mud: a natural protection of joint cartilage PDF
Evgeniya Vladeva, Katerina Kirova
Clinical efficacy of manual therapy for functional thoracic spine disorders PDF
Tsvetomir Yankov, Iliya Todorov
An overview of the more significant therapeutic effects of TECAR therapy PDF
Rumen Sivkov, Mariyana Mihaylova, Tsvetomir Yankov
Thalassotherapy awareness among pregnant women PDF
Todorka Velikova Boeva, Tsvetomira Tsvetanova, Simona Andreeva
Caloric restriction mimetics as a therapeutic approach to metabolic syndrome PDF
Klementina Moneva-Marinova
Does modern chemical analysis allow the identification of passive cannabis smokers? PDF
Stanila Stoeva
Cross-infection control in dental laboratories: an overview PDF
Nela Kalpakchieva, Klara Dokova
The role of RIPK3 in the process of necroptosis in malignant tumors PDF
Nevena Yanulova
Microorganisms colonizing tooth structures and antibacterial effect of temporary filling materials PDF
Boris Valkov, Miglena B Balcheva, Neli Ermenlieva

Abstracts and Proceedings

Motivating factors for physical activity among students at Medical University of Varna PDF
Rumyana Laleva, Šœihaela Hristova, Neval Remzieva

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