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Analysis Of Vestibuloplasty Methods On Completely Edentulous Mandible - A Review

Elitsa Dzhongova


Purpose: to perform an analysis of various methods of vestibuloplasty described in the available reference materials in terms of their efficacy and applicability in outpatient care condition, as well as to assess the applicability of different autografts and xenogenic grafts in combination whit them.    Materials and methods: A systematic reference literature overview has been performed of articles and publications related to the preparation of completely edentulous  jaws prothetizations, including vestibuloplasty of the lower jaw, aimed at deepening the vestibular sulcus and increasing the attached mucosa without performing augmentation of the mandible bone. To follow up the advantages and disadvantages of some of the widely applicable vestibuloplasty methods and to study the propreties of varios types of grafts applied when performing vestibuloplasty of the lower jaw. Results: The use of autogenic and xenogenic dermal transplantats for covering the periosteum leads to less contraction of the surgery wound during the period of healing compared to the vestibuloplasty methods through secondary epithelization; the possibility of forming edges is reduced, the time to heal is shortened. This enables the early prosthetic recovery and prevents the formation of recidivisms. The application of xenogenic dermal transplants eliminates the formation of a second wound surface in order to acquire a transplant and the limitation in its quatity but increases the value of surgical manipulation. Conclusion: In relation to the analysis performed of the various methods of vestibuloplasty and the type of grafts a conclusion may be drawn that it is  necessery to perform more studies regarding the graft properties and the period of prosthetization.


vestibuloplasty, secondary epithelization, allo- and xenogenic grafts

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