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The challenge to manage a patient with advanced heart failure and necrotizing vasculitis - a clinical case

Mariya Stoyanova Dimova, Elena Marinova, Darina Zheliazkova, Krasimira Nenova, Liliya Stoyanova, Mariya Kosturkova


Patients with advanced heart failure are patients with a lot of comorbidities that have important influence on the options of treatment - both for heart failure and the concomitant diseases. Here we present a 64-year-old man with mechanical aortic valve prosthesis, severe tricuspid regurgitation, severe pulmonary hypertension and total heart failure, diabetes mellitus type 2, peripheral artery disease and necrotizing vasculitis. The management of heart failure is according to the guidelines for the treatment of patients with heart failure of the European Society of Cardiology 2016; the treatment of the diabetes mellitus and the necrotizing vasculitis is also in accordance with the latest recommendations.


heart failure, mechanical valve prosthesis, necrotizing vasculitis

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