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Straatsma`s syndrome. Ipsilateral myelinated retinal nerve fibres, axial myopia, amblyopia syndrome

N. Veleva, A. Oscar, P. Kemilev, V. Chernodrinska


Myelinated retinal nerve fibers (MRNF) or so called fibrae medullaris retinae are rare congenital anomaly. In most cases it is isolated ocular pathology, usually asymptomatic and diagnosed accidentally. They may present in a syndrome characterised by ipsilateral myelinated retinal nerve fibres, axial myopia and amblyopia - triad of Straatsma. We report three cases of this rare congenital condition.


myelinated retinal nerve fibres; amblyopia; axial myopia; Straatsma`s syndrome

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About The Authors

N. Veleva
Department of Ophthalmology - Medical University, Sofia Eye Clinic - UH `Alexandrovska`, Sofia

A. Oscar
Department of Ophthalmology - Medical University, Sofia Eye Clinic - UH `Alexandrovska`, Sofia

P. Kemilev
Department of Ophthalmology - Medical University, Sofia Eye Clinic - UH `Alexandrovska`, Sofia

V. Chernodrinska
Department of Ophthalmology - Medical University, Sofia Eye Clinic - UH `Alexandrovska`, Sofia