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Causative factors for hyperopia regression in excimer keratorefractive surgery

M. Litev, L. Voynov, T. Mitov, D. Radilov, A. Kalaydjiev


Regression and hypocorrection are specific complications in refractive surgery that frequently lead to unexpected or perishable refractive results. They develop due to unforeseen alteration in corneal biomechanics and are hard to differentiate and presume. Their ethiology and pathogenesis are still vague and no statistical evidence on predisposing factors is present. Once more familiar, the regression might be controlled by patient selection, procedure planning or laser platform opting. This study offers a completely new approach to the measurement of regression and statistically sound results in terms of the possible reasons and biomarkers.


H-LASIK; wavefront; regression, viscoelasticity; multifactorial analysis

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M. Litev
`Sveta Petka` Varna

L. Voynov
Military Medical Academy Sofia

T. Mitov
`Sveta Petka` Varna

D. Radilov
University of Economics Varna

A. Kalaydjiev
Military Medical Academy Plovdiv