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Законотворчество в общественото здраве

M. Петрова, Р. Николова


Aim: This paper aims to present an overview of the law changes in public health in Bulgaria during the period from 1991 to 2017, explore the myriad of norms created and analyze them.

Materials and Methods: The work is based on all legislation created during the 1991-2017 period and includes laws, regulations and case law (court practices). By using a comparative analysis, the authors review the fundamental principles established by the lawmaker that form the base of public health regulation in Bulgaria. Employing all varieties of legal interpretation in search of the original and genuine will of the lawmaker, the work aims to match this will to the practical application and results of the regulations.

Results: Public health is not an isolated phenomenon, but a strictly regulated set of activities. Chaotic, undisciplined legal frame and multiple collisions between norms preclude further developments and often put the health of the public at risk or against significant challenges.

Conclusions: The comparative analysis provides the opportunity to summarize the weaknesses and shortcomings of the current set of legislative norms in public health. The paper provides suggestions and opportunities of improvement and of creating a more stable, inclusive and complete regulations, which better corresponds to the evolving public needs.

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