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Възможности за участие на медицинските сестри в здравната политика, насочена към оптимизиране на дългосрочните грижи за възрастни и лица с увреждания

Aнна Георгиева, Станислава Павлова, Мариана Димитрова, Веселина Василева


Introduction: The significant share of nurses and their central role in the healthcare system define them as one of the key factors for the successful implementation of health reforms, some of which are aiming to provide quality long-term care for adults and people with disabilities.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to investigate the possibilities of nurses' participation in health policy that aims to optimize the long-term care for elderly and disabled persons and the opinion of the graduate nurses of the Medical University of Varna on the problem.

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted by analyzing the scientific literature, the documentary method and a sociological survey. The survey involved 224 graduate nurses of the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria, in the period 2012 - 2017.

Results and Discussion: The majority of graduate students highlight the need for the involvement of the nurses in long-term care decisions. According to the majority of respondents, this is possible through the inclusion of expert nurses in the legislative decisions that solve the problem, while one-third accentuates the active work of the professional organization.

Conclusion: The involvement of the nursing profession in the formulation of health policies is an essential element of the new role of the nurses in the system of long-term care for the elderly and people with disabilities. Future nurses are aware of the importance of this role and the ways for it to be validated


long-term care; health policy; nurse; elderly; disabled persons

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