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Morphological study of the biomaterials used for ossicular chain reconstruction. I. General principles

Mario Milkov, Georgi Marinov, Robert Guidoin


The authors shared their results from the validation in a guinea pig model of a new ossicular prosthesis with Targis/Vectris System (Ivoclar, Lichtenstein). During the previous two years, the biocompatibility of Teflon, gold, and ceramics was assessed. The biocompatibility of Targis and Vectris materials does not exist anymore as they have been used in dental practice for 9 years. Targis is a ceramic optimized polymer of the family of ceromers. Vectris is a high-technology material replacing the metal substructure. These materials were inserted into a new medium, in the middle ear of a guinea pig. The experiments were carried out for different periods of time—29 days, 70 days, and 260 days. The ossicular prostheses were histologically examined. Targis and Vectris implanted retroauricularily into a guinea pig's middle ear cavity did not show any inflammatory reaction signs when contacting the skin of the external auditory channel. They proved to be well tolerated biologically even after 260 days post implantation.


ossicular prosthesis, Targis, Vectris, biocompatibility, histology, SEM, guinea pig

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